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If you are a resident of Australia and you are looking for one of the best Toowoomba restaurants, Tram Vietnam is the way to go. We are your restaurant for delicious and freshly prepared Vietnamese food. 

One of the exciting things about this place is that you have multiple options to enjoy your food. Do you want a home delivery service, do you want a dine-in or takeaway? We have got you covered. It is also amazing to know that our foods are not just delicious and tasty; they are also some of the healthiest foods you can think of.

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We at Tram Vietnam serve simple & divine food including our signature dishes:


COM - Viet Rice Dishes

PHO - Classic Viet Noodle Soup

BANH MI - Viet Baguette

BUN - Viet Noodle Salad

Vietnamese Restaurant - Why Tram Vietnam is among the best Toowoomba restaurants

We are your one-stop-shop for authentic meals that are suitable for both your Vietnamese and Australian appetites. In addition, we have special offers and other exciting reasons why you should enjoy your meal with us. We service both local and nearby areas in Toowoomba. Below are some of the reasons why we are the best:


Tram Vietnam Ruthven experts are professionals who specialize in not just providing you delectable foods, but optimum nutrition. More so, we serve you with simplicity; rather than get distracted by garnishing, we focus on how functional the food is to your health. 

Thus, you can be confident that your lunch or dinner is prepared by some of the best hands in the city. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy our Classic Viet noodle soup, Viet Baguette, and other delicacies after a stressful day.


We create a warm environment for you to spend with your loved ones. If you have kids, a spouse, or a group of friends, then our restaurant at Ruthven Street Toowoomba is the best spot for you. We will leave you with a view that you will always remember, and you also get to enjoy our comfortable settings.

Our entire staff are known for being customer-friendly and helpful. We have received several five-star reviews attesting to the quality of our customer service. Therefore, if you are in QLD and other surrounding regions, you should drop by at our authentic restaurant. You will surely get the best treatment.


Despite offering premium food services in Ruthven St, our rates are affordable, and you would not have to break the bank just to enjoy a meal. You can relish authentic meals in large portions at cost-effective prices. 

More so, you can enjoy massive discounts and mouth-watering offers with vouchers and gift vouchers on our exquisite meals. We give you lunch and weekly specials to whet your appetite.

Personalised Service

Another reason why we are among the best Toowoomba restaurants is our priority for each individual. As a family-owned restaurant with chefs who have decades of experience, we understand that people have different needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer special menus, such as vegan and gluten-free diets. 

Again, we offer dine-in services, takeaway, and deliveries depending on which is convenient for you. If you need a trip advisor for your meals in any of the regions we serve, we will be available to help you in the best capacity.


We are open every day of the week, and you can always be sure to get our delicacies. We do not run out of our fresh selection of food choices, and we do not disappoint by performing below par. 

We have been able to build a long list of long term customers because of our consistency and commitment to being the best. If you ever need a restaurant that you can fall back on when you are hungry and tired, or in need of a treat, Tram Vietnam Ruthven is the name to call!

Vegan, Gluten-free Food's Also Available at our Restaurant

Being among the best Toowoomba restaurants, we allow our customers to enjoy their food at their own convenience through the services we provide. These include:


Enjoy lunch and late dinners with the best restaurant in town. Our menus are elaborate, and you have some of the most experienced staff at your service. Do not miss any chance to relish our signature dishes such as COM- Viet Rice, Pho, Banh Mi, Bun, etc. Our prices are not high, and you can enjoy the unique flavours even on an Australian palette. More so, we are kid-friendly, and we encourage families to spend quality time together at our dine-in.


You can equally take away your delicious meals in your favourite packaging. As a top brand, we ensure that your food remains pristine when it gets to you. Our takeaway services ensure that you get served top-quality Vietnamese food despite your busy schedule. All you need to do is place your order via a call, or you can send it through email.


If you are new in town or would prefer home delivery for some other reason, Tram Vietnam has got you covered. We will bring your favourite delicacy to your doorstep or office without charging you excessively. Also, our delivery services are fast, and as a new restaurant in town, we have already made our mark as your number one hub for swift and excellent Vietnamese food delivery.

Healthy vegan, Gluten-free food

For people on special diets such as vegans or those who need to stay away from gluten, you will find a restaurant near me that available you of such opportunity. Tram Vietnam The Ridge puts together delicious cuisines for your dietary needs, using only the freshest herbs and condiments. For those with celiac disease or those averse to eating animal products, we have your vegan rice, bun noodle salad, and vegan sides Thus, we ensure that you remain healthy.

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Our cuisines are one of the healthiest all over the world. Since you are our priority as a customer, we always do our best to ensure that we leave you more youthful and more satisfied than when you came in. With all the other reasons stated above, it is not surprising to see that we have become one of the best Toowoomba restaurants in such a short time.

Our professionals at Tram will ensure that you get only the freshest and most authentic ingredients in your meals. We will ensure that you get an unforgettable experience. So, if you are in Ruthven St, QLD, do not forget to drive in for your lunch or dinner.

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