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Simple is no longer a word many would want to associate with these days.

After all, it can mean unexciting, ordinary, typical, and not valuable.

We at Trâm Việtnam do not believe in that and we want you to also see that the food we serve, the service we offer, and authentic Vietnamese experience we will let you have.

They are all simple – simply good, simply divine, simply worth it.



We admit, we do not have any Vietnamese cuisine that other Vietnamese restaurants do not have:

  • COM – Viet Rice Dishes,
  • PHO – Classic Viet Soup,
  • BANH MI – Viet Bread Roll and the like…

What we have is a distinct Vietnamese flavor that can literally transfer you from any state to a state of comfort and happiness.

Our preparation process is quite simple – to use traditional methods in observance of the Vietnamese principle of balance.

We balance the five flavors of salty, spicy, sweet, sour, and bitter. We balance the hot and cold properties of our food. We balance flavor and health.

You’ll know what we mean with everything you order from us.


Trâm Việtnam sets to transform the Vietnamese food scene in Toowoomba through this – simplicity. A bowl of pho, a bite of banh mi, a slice of spring rolls here and you’ll feel as if you’re being enveloped by your grandma’s love. Located in Toowoomba, we serve nothing but simply good food.

Over the past years, as the idea of Trâm Việtnam is being formed and perfected, our team realized that what we really want is just simple – to serve simply good food to every individual and family that will grace our restaurant.

We want you to eat our food without being distracted by the garnishes and other gimmicks that most restaurants these days seem not able to stay away from.

We want the flavor of our dishes to be the main stand-out point, for children to take a bite of our spring rolls and beg their moms for more, for moms to take a sip of our pho and feel soothed by it after a long hard day, and for dads to eat our banh mi and realized that life is not that hard, he can do it, he can support his family and remain human through it all.

Good food can do that, Trâm Việtnam can and will do that.



Apart from our food, however, Trâm Việtnam prides itself in the hospitality and service we offer. Our team is made up of people not just trained to serve well, but genuinely keen to see the people they serve happy. Your smiles will make us smile. Your satisfaction will make us satisfied.

Not happy with our spring rolls? We’d run a mile to change your impression. To serve simply good food is our mission, and nothing will detract our desire to meet that.

Visit us and see for yourself what we mean. Thinking of a change in your traditional dining out experience?  Confused with all the restaurants with their themes, noise and bright colors? Choose simple, choose good food. Choose us.



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The food is exceptional, you will not be disappointed by the authentic flavours. Unlike other niche restaurants in town (you know who they are), haven’t blown out their prices to bleed your wallet dry, and yet still the food is amazing.

My go to for delicious Asian cuisine in Tbar aka Toowoomba, highly recommend you try it out.

Best little kept secret in town!

Stuart Fletcher

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Really good service.Really really good food.

Cheap eats · Great food · Takeaway menu


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We loved the service and the food at the Tram Vietnam restaurant.The Pho and other soup was delicious and great for a cold day – very warming and flavorsome.The friend rice was the nicest that either of us have ever tasted, so much so, we ordered a take serve to go with the one we demolished with our meal.

Simply delicious and we will certainly be back.

Serge V@ Google Local Guide

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We recently ate at Original Saigon and completely underestimated the serving sizes. My wife and I naively thought we’d each get a steamed pork bun, a rice paper roll and a main meal; beef, meatball and brisket pho for me, lemongrass noodle salad bowl for her. Bad idea. Everything was massive!Nevertheless, we persevered and finished our meals. Meals that, by the way, were fresh, tasty and inexpensive.The gentleman that served us was also great. He was friendly and helpful, guiding us through our dining experience.Overall, Original Saigon is a great, no-frills place for fresh and flavoursome food that won’t empty your wallet. We were really impressed and will no doubt return another day.

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